•  The pallets are transported via roller conveyors towards the strapping machine and then automatically carried over to the middle of the press conveyor.

•  By means of a signal exchange with the conveyor technology, the strapping program and pressing force is adjusted according to the package size. The package is then positioned in accordance to its appropriate strapping program and is mechanically centered in the conveying direction.

•  The electrically controlled pressure plate is automatically lowered onto the surface of the package and then seals the package with the preselected pressing force.

•  The electrically controlled tape guide system inserts itself through the bottom of the pallet and closes off the tape guide frame.  The strapping tape is then taken from the tape roller and guided through the tape guide frame by the force of an automatic aggregate until it reenters the same aggregate where the tape is then held on one side.

•  After the tape tensioning followed by tape closure (through friction), the system proceeds with the second tape guide and the above operation procedure begins again.

•  By pre selecting the cross strapping program, the pallet is electrically raised and rotated 90°.  This process is then repeated. Upon completion of the strapping cycle the pallet is once again turned 90° to its original position.

•  After approval, the completely strapped pallet is transferred from the strapping station onto the next conveyor.

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