Equipped for unit exchange Type OF-4000. Operational simplicity of quick release possible. The T-UNIT is able to handle a band width of 9 to 16mm and a thickness of 0.5 to 1mm in PET and PP quality. The band’s forward and backward motion move at a speed of 4.6m/sec. The clamping speed is 0.12 m/sec. Subsequently the closure system by means of friction welding unit with a maximum welding time of 2.4 seconds. Has installed power of 1 kW and a voltage supply of 400V, 3 phases. Protection IP 54, weight 71kg, noise level measurement, DIN 45635 <85dB(A). Subject to technical modifications.

For a trouble free unit exchange, the bolt head is equipped with multiple electrical connectors and with little screwing, is quickly loosened from its frame.

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