The packaging solution for long products

The Python HS is designed for horizontal stretching in high-speed lines.
The film roll is attached to a rotating ring and wraps the products while passing through.

  • feeds up to 50 m / min
  • minimum material consumption
  • fully automatic tying

Film carriage mounted on the rotary ring with mechanical pre-stretching.

Servo motor for optimum acceleration, rotation and deceleration of the rotating ring.

High-speed gear rim designed for long durability and high smoothness.

Control with 7″ touch panel and 250 program options.

1. film carriage

Via Vario-Power stretching system, the film consumption can be ideally adjusted to the used film and the product which has to be stretch wrapped.

2. Film welding

optional welding of film end for tail free packaging

3. High Speed

Maximum speed with two film carriages on the ring.

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