Mechanical Engineering

Exceptional precision in every dimension

Pamminger mechanical engineering promises uncompromising quality. This is reflected not only in our international customer portfolio as well as special areas of application for our machines, such as aviation, and also in our certifications. For many years we have been in possession of the certificates EN ISO 3834-2 as well as ISO 9001:2015. We manufacture hoists and other machines individually adapted to the requirements of our customers. From the planning and production of new machines to the maintenancement, repair and service of our own and third-party machines and plants, everything comes from a single source. You can absolutely rely on over 80 years PAMMINGER Know-how.

every size

customer tailored manufacturing of spare sparts, assemblies and complete machines.

spare parts

We are producing precise spare parts for every plant and machine.


Service and maintenance of own and third-party machines as well as repairs of machines and plants.


Welded constructions including machining.

Pamminger mechanical engineering promises highest quality and precision for projects and components of any size.

The new heart of our large part machining has a workspace volume of almost 115m³
and enables the production of components with previously impossible precision. The fully automatic tool changer as well as the possibility of pendulum machining ensure efficiency in production. For geometrical checks, components can be measured fully automatical against a 3D Model over the entire working area by using a special software. The measurement results are clearly presented in protocol form.


Quality that exists - verifiable!

PAMMINGER mechanical engineering has the most important certifications for the highest welding requirements. Under the expert guidance of our certified welding technologists (EWE, EWS and IWS), our welders, which are tested in accordance with EN ISO 9606, fulfil built-up and construction welding in a wide variety of material qualities:

• For steel structures, including an extension for stainless steels, according to DIN 18800-7
class E.
• Production of steel and aluminium structures according to EN 1090 to EXC 3.
• Non-destructive tests of welded, forged and cast parts are performed by our testers which are certified according to EN 473 and ISO 9712 in the VT, PT and MT processes. For all other test methods we are cooperating with partners.



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