Raptor support roller system - Roll sretching with perfection

Paper rolls, steel coils and other cylindrical shapes
it’s packed by our innovative support roller system with the best know-how from pallet packaging.

With the Pamminger stretch wrapping technology you have the best possibilities.

  • most efficient film packaging
  • best protection of your goods
  • fast and reliable

The Film carriage

Focusing four decades on the most economical film consumption combined with the optimum load safety, we have developed the Vario-Power-Stretch pre-stretch system for our machines.

Two separately controllable motors allow an incredible film pre-stretch of up to 500% (depends on film)
Our VARIO-POWERSTRETCH pre-stretching system reduces your film consumption like no other.

It goes without saying, that the film carriage is equipped with a film quick insertion system. Opened with two handles, you are pulling the film through without any tedious threading.

The film welding device:

This is what makes a wrapping machine into a fully automatic machine. All the know-how from the film welding devices of all the PAMMINGER packaging machines was bundled there and directed to new dimensions.
The Raptor film welding unit, constantly produces the best welds, whether in low temperature usage or in the high-speed sector.
This ensures problem-free storage in a high-bay warehouse.

support roller system

Two traversing units, each with one hardchrome-plated carrying roller.
One carrier roller is driven via a frequency controlled motor. After the paper roll has been centered and the wrapping process has started, the two travel units move together and lift the paper roll off the transport system. The driven carrier roller begins to rotate at the set speed on the display and the roll is stretched with film around the circumference. After completion of the wrapping process, the carrier roll stops and the film is now separated. Shortly before the paperroll is lowered, it turnes again. This ensures a firm hold of the film.

The best control system

The fastest wrapper: You simply enter the required parameters up to the use of the cover sheet function and then start the program. The controller then automatically works with the best setup for it.

In variable overlapping of the foil in the upwards as well as the downwards wrapping. For foil tensioning, both at the pallet foot and in the upwards wrapping, at the pallet head and in the downwards wrapping. Foil stretching from 0 – 500%, which means that a total of 250 programs can be saved.

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