T-Aggregate - fully automatic vertical strapping machines

The Pamminger T-Aggregate is a high-performance strapping machine for strapping pallets.
There is almost no application, respectively requirement that cannot be solved with the Pamminger T-Aggregate.

The upper arrangement of the strapping aggregate and therefore resulting flexibility in width and height of both the machine and the packing piece which has to be processed ensures variable operation of the machine.

  • Sealing unit positioned at top
  • Telescope circlet with lance
  • lowerable

The machine frame in sophisticated 2 column design out of bended and welded sheet metal. Clearance adjustable support rollers ensure a smooth running of the support along the machine columns. The movement of the lifting unit including the sealing unit and the strap guiding frame is utilized with an endless toothed belt and an electric gear motor with brake. Quick and easy installition on bed-plates by using anchors and set screws.
Vertical slide and aggregate support for the seal aggregate. The strapping aggregate is self-centering and mounted in the aggregat holder. Eccentrically adjustable roller bearings in the stabilizer box support the lift carriage and center it on the middle of the machine.

The beginning of a new roll is automatically fed to the strapping machine via the infeed rail which is positioned outside the strapping machine. Afterwards the belt gets automatically fed in with pressing a button. This enables simple operation and good accessibility for service work.

Prepared for exchange system. Easy handling via quick coupling possible. The T-Aggregate
can process strapping bands with a width of 9 to 16 mm and thickness of 0,5 to 1 mm in PET and
PP quality. The strip insert and retracting movement happens at a speed of 4,6 m/sec.
The clamping speed is 0,12 m/sec. Then the seal is closed by vibration welding with a maximum welding time of 2,5 seconds. Installed power 1 kW at a supply voltage of 400 V, 3 Phasen. Protection class IP 54, weight 71 kg noise measurement DIN 45635 < 85 dB(A). Technical changes reserved.

The sealing unit is equipped with electrical multiple plugs and can be quickly removed from the holder by using just a few screws to ensure trouble-free replacement of the aggregate.

The strapping aggregate is floatingly mounted (from width 1300mm) for an optimal strapping band tension distribution. In that case this distributes the band tension evenly at the edges of the package.

Additional the PAMMINGER T-AGGREGATE is equipped with a telescope circlet system, this intends fast operation for low pallets and also leads to optimal entrance portal height of the aggregate stabilizer for the infeed of your pallets. The precision belt guide consisting of an aluminium base with spring-loaded belt flaps ensures high band insert speed and exact band positioning on the package.

The pallet lance is steady mounted in the lower area of the belt channel via guides with self-centering rollers. Therefore the drive occurs via three-phase motor and friction roller. As a result the lance is secured against crashing the palett base.

For installation of a roll PET / PP strapping band. Strain relief via pulley block and band storage.

As PLC a Siemens S7-1200 is used, which is housed in a Rittal switch cabinet. The operation takes places via a Siemens 5,7″ touch panel KTP 600. The motor is controlled by a SEW frequency inverter.
The system can be operated in manual and automatic mode.
All movements can be controlled in manual mode.

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