UP5-Aggregate fully automated pallet press-strapping machine.

The Pamminger UP5-Aggregate is a high-performance strapping machine which gets used by strapping pallets with a variable adjustable press power up to 50000 N and a peak power output of 170 – 190 pallets per hour.

  • stable 4 column design
  • controlled lifting via toothed belt mittels Zahnriemen
  • Top-pressure is precisely adjustable by servo drives
  • strap closure via vibration welding
  • Machine with a maximum passage with up to 3200 mm and a maximum clearance of 3400 mm

  • stable 4 column design made of bended and welded sheet metal

  • controlled lifting via toothed belt, therefore reduced wear parts

  • Top-pressure up to 50 000 N precisely adjustable via servo drives

  • HIGH-SPEED-KIT up to four seal aggregates/strap guidance are possible

  • strap closure via low abrasion vibration welding

  • standard plant components, such as a lift and turning device & rotary table
    alternately combinable with modular belt or roller conveyor from our in-house production

  • minimum conveying height of 300 mm

sturdy and torsion-resistant 4 column design with in each column integrated combi-roller guides for the pressure plate. Stationary servo gear motor drive in combination with four synchronized high-performance toothed belts for highly dynamic traverse speed of the pressure plate approx. 0,640 m/s. Compact design with the smallest installation space (height and width) and the largest possible cargo dimensions of its class. Antifall guard of the pressure plate in the connecting plates of the machine columns by monitored, mechanically moveable bolts in service position.

The weight-optimized pressing plate is equipped with four compensation spring units
of the high-performance toothed belt designed for maximum press capacity of 50 kN. Accurate and reproducible press capacity, respectively strapping height by servo drive. Strapping aggregates with 90° service position.
Strapping positions/binding distances: 440 / 625 mm. A strapping aggregate can be moved via linear motor and additional linear guide.

Prepared for exchange system. Easy handling via quick coupling possible. The T-Aggregate
can process strapping bands with a width of 9 to 16 mm and thickness of 0,5 to 1 mm in PET and
PP quality. The strip insert and retracting movement happens at a speed of 4,6 m/sec.
The clamping speed is 0,12 m/sec. Then the seal is closed by vibration welding with a maximum welding time of 2,5 seconds. Installed power 1 kW at a supply voltage of 400 V, 3 Phasen. Protection class IP 54, weight 71 kg noise measurement DIN 45635 < 85 dB(A). Technical changes reserved.

The sealing unit is equipped with electrical multiple plugs and can be quickly removed from the holder by using just a few screws to ensure trouble-free replacement of the aggregate.

The control of the straping machine consists of a S7-1512 SP.
The data transmission of the individual sensors takes place via Profinet.
Servo converter and frequency converter are used for motor control respectively for press capacity.
User guidance is provided on a 7“ Colour-Touchpanel with different user levels for the supervisor, machine operator and service staff. Altogether 250 strapping programms can be saved.

lifting and turning device

The lifting and turning device is integrated in the machine frame with an arm intersection of 1300 mm,
designed for pallet weight up to 15 kN. The 70 mm lifting and the 90° rotation are utilized by a stationary spur gear motor guiding system. All end positions are electronically monitored, mechanically adjustable and limited. Due to the stationary drive no moveable cables are necessary, i.e. no risk of cable break.

Sequential lance

A lance is required to close the strap frame when strapping a pallet. During pallet transport it drives to the rear end position and therefore requires plenty of space next to the strapping machine.

Due to the design of the sequential lance, it is lifted upwards instead of extended backwards.
This saves up to 50% space in your factory planning.

Edge protection applicator

motor-driven edge protection applicator is integrated at the top of the pressing plate.
For inserting a cardboard blank with a length of 700 mm.

Roller conveyor with centering unit

a motor-driven centring unit can be installed either in the integrated or stand alone roller conveyor.

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